Strategic counsel on corporate accountabilitysupport for sustainability, investment, fiduciary, and corporate social responsibility initiatives for large and small cap investors.

Shareholder Advocacy

We aid in the drafting of shareholder resolutions on health, environment and human rights, and defend the resolutions against challenges at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Strategy Advisor

We advise investors, NGO’s,  coalitions, and policymakers on strategies to hold multinational corporations and local businesses accountable on environmental and social issues. We are especially interested and engaged on current developments regarding bylaw amendments, sustainability risk,  and ESG accounting and disclosure.


We help to broker and draft agreements with companies to improve their environmental, social or governance practices.

Vetting of Documents

Review of publications and filings to ensure accuracy and legal defensibility.

Corporate Profiling and Accountability Strategies

Preparation of public and private analyses of corporate environmental and social issues, based on regulatory filings, reporting to shareholders and other public and private sources


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