Recent Work

• For the Investor Environmental Health Network, we researched and wrote a report,  Bridging the Credibility Gap: Eight Corporate Liability Accounting Loopholes That Regulators Must Close.

• For the Humane Society of the US we assisted in defense of the shareholder resolution to require Denny’s to expand the use of cage free eggs.

• We brokered an agreement between McDonald’s and investors to commit the company to review strategies for reducing the use of pesticides on potato crops. McDonald’s is the biggest purchaser of potatoes in the US economy.

• We conducted a survey of shareholders regarding the current SEC process of determining whether shareholder resolutions will be permissible at particular companies, and presented it to the Securities and Exchange Commission in a meeting with staff.

• We identified issues in current Financial Accounting Standards Board guidelines on contingent liability disclosure, and prepared correspondence to encourage the board to address these issues.

• For Harrington Investments, we developed a model shareholder resolution that would require TARP recipient banks to establish a board level committee to monitor the bank’s impact on US economic security.

• We reviewed a corporate annual 10-K report for potentially misleading statements or omissions related to disclosure of nanotechnology risks.

• We assisted a nongovernmental coalition in refining its  corporate membership application guidelines.

• We vetted a report for a nonprofit organization to ensure that there were no hidden legal issues.

• We spoke at a conference on mainstreaming ESG concerns in investment.

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